ACL Printer

The current, Python 3 version of this code is on PyPi. I'm no longer maintaining the version on this page, so use the PyPi version if at all possible.

You can download and use this software free of charge. Read the license details at the top of each file.

These utilities are designed to work with the Notes client for Windows, but I have not tested these utilities on all possible combinations of Windows operating systems and Notes client versions. If you run into any problems, please let me know.

I've tested this version under Notes 5.0.8.


ACLPrinter reads a Notes database ACL and prints it to the console or, optionally, to a file. It's written in Python, a free scripting language, and it uses COM/OLE to communicate with Notes. Sample output.

You can run ACLPrinter from the command line on any Windows machine that has Python and the Notes client software installed.

To use ACLPrinter:
  1. Install a free copy of Python. You'll also need win32all for COM/OLE support.
  2. Save these Python files to the same directory: and (Change the extension to .py when you save.)
  3. cd to the directory that has From the command line, enter

        python -?

    for information on arguments and options.
Examples: Assume that the database people.nsf is on the server NYNotes1.

To print its ACL to the screen:

    python NYNotes1 people.nsf

To print its ACL to the file acl.txt:

    python -o acl.txt NYNotes1 people.nsf

ACLPrinter supports Unicode latin-1 encoding for accents in names and roles.